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The Future of Wellbeing

With every passing day most of us experience a growing uncertainty about what the future of humanity and life on earth will be. From Artificial Intelligence to political division, social change, economic disparity, ecological collapse, and cultural upheavals and extinctions, we must wonder if we can innovate as quickly as we need solutions. More urgently we must ask, if we innovate the tools to transform our place on earth and with each other, will we have the tools, mindset, and heart to use them well and for our common good?

In this podcast I meet with people of widely diverse backgrounds to discuss their views on how to create a vibrant and inclusive future, that surpasses and rises above the worldviews that created our current crisis.

How do we live as never before, if we have no examples to draw upon? Or maybe we do...

Explore the many episodes and see what catches your interest. A beautiful future is already unfolding and our guests will help you to understand where, how, and why...

Listen wherever podcasts can be found.

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