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Jonathan Ellerby PhD



Jonathan is based in Denver, Colorado and serves as the Executive Director of the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality. His speaking and consulting work takes him throughout North America.


Jonathan's consulting work shines in the areas of innovation, leadership development, change management & wellness,  and a wide range of topics relating to  health and healing. Publically he has been celebrated as a guide to mastering change and transformation, and as an expert on the topics of holistic health, cross-cultural healing and modern spirituality in films, print, television, and radio. Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D., is the author of the international best-sellers "Return to the Sacred," and “Inspiration Deficit Disorder.”


Drawing from a PhD in comparative religion and travels to meet and study with healers and teachers from more than forty cultures around the world Jonathan has been sought after as an executive coach, event keynote, and workshop facilitator by some the world’s most notable companies including Pepsico, Kraft, Nissan, Honda, the U.S.Navy, the U.S. Forest Service, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, the Canadian Correctional system and many more.


Previously the Spiritual Program Director for the famed Canyon Ranch Resorts and the founding CEO for TAO Inspired Living, Mexico. Jonathan is also a coach and counsel for leading CEOs and award winning celebrities. His unique perspective has been sought after by numerous media outlets including the New York Times, the Yoga Journal, Larry King Live, the Martha Stewart Radio Show, and BetterTV to name only a few.


Jonathan has also been a university lecturer and adjunct instructor at five universities, including the University of Arizona, where he was a  regular guest instructor with the Andrew Weil Program for Integrative Medicine. His talent for speaking and working with large audiences remains an important part of his work today.


“Jonathan Ellerby is a masterful storyteller in addition to being a fine scholar, offering us must-read books.”


- Caroline Myss, the best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

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Some Past Clients, New Partners & Media Features

Our Team, Our Family

We Plan, God Laughs...

In January 2020, after months of preparation, Uxia and I launched "Mindful Wellness Travel" and had a year of incredible travel-based retreats planned with most of them quickly filling up and amazing world-class partners set to help us deliver life-changing experiences.

But. Life had other ideas for us and with the impact of COVID19, we immediately realized that a surprising amount of what we do can be offered online and at a much lower cost to a much wider audience. Thus, Mindful Wellness Experience was born...

Mindful Wellness Experience is a unique spiritually rooted wellness company offering online and travel-based wellness classes, teachings, courses, mentorships, retreats, coaching, content and consulting. With a universal foundation in a signature program design, we specialize in custom content, spiritual growth, mindfulness innovation, yoga, and specialized yoga offerings. 


Founded by two-time bestselling author Dr. Jonathan Ellerby and advanced yoga teacher and yoga therapist Uxia Ellerby, MWE is a labor of love, and meant to elevate the boutique wellness experience to something more like family connection. Our commitment is to offer all that we do with love, incomparable credibility, and the greatest attention to the details that matter most to your transformation and wellbeing. Inspired by the COVID19 pandemic, we have taken almost all we do in person and are now making it available online, live, in our library and to people everywhere.


The work and teachings of Dr. Jonathan Ellerby are organized and delivered by three teams:

Jonathan Ellerby PhD, the Althea Center in Denver, and Mindful Wellness Experience.

In 2020 the work of DR. JONATHAN ELLERBY is managed by a brilliant team of volunteers and friends.

THE ALTHEA CENTER organizes his work in Denver and provides weekly direct experiences of classes, courses, lectures, ceremonies, mini-retreats, and training.

MINDFUL WELLNESS EXPERIENCE is lead and managed by Uxia Ellerby. A deeply experienced executive leader, passionate yoga therapist and teacher

UXIA ELLERBY is the Business Manager and owner of Mindful Wellness Experience and specializes in leading yoga retreats, special workshops, custom programs, private yoga therapy and the enrichment of trips with meditation and yoga. Uxia is a certified Yoga Therapist and can be contacted from private engagements such as corporate, hospital, and