Integrative Spiritual Coaching
Wellness, Executive, Relationships, Life, Work, Healing

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  • Wellness, transformation, business, or Spirit
    50 min
    $220 or as agreed

What you should know.....

I have been coaching, counseling, and developing my own unique approach to spiritual psychology for over 26 years.

I have worked with people in all imaginable states, stages, and situations. I have worked with all genders, many nationalities, celebrities, CEOs, parents, partners, and people from all walks of life.


I am careful not to work in areas I don't feel skilled or properly credentialed and will often refer more complex or severe mental health or addiction issues to other professionals, however, I can often add a complimentary perspective that can offer a powerful beginning.

I do not take insurance, I am not licensed, and even though people will come to me with the types of issues they would take to a therapist, counselor, pastor, or executive coach, I clearly refer to what I do as integrative spiritual coaching. An integrative and spiritual perspective is a part of everything I do. If you are not interested in that, I am not a fit for you.

When I began counseling training 26 years ago I completed several courses of supervised study and work. I have also been mentored in executive and business coaching in a two year immersive study, and have been heavily influenced by Indigenous approaches to transformation and healing, however, I offer no modalities other than my own. 

I have worked with thousands of people one on one, as couples, and in small groups. I am particularly strong at short term engagements in which we work hard on a transition, insight, or change in a few months or less. I tend not to adopt multi-year clients and seek to avoid dependency or any excuse to delay progress.