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Awakening to a New World of Wholeness & Soulness

The Jonathan Ellerby Podcast

In each episode we are gathering to discuss and discover 

the future of life on earth. 


My guests join us from diverse 

experiences, professions, and cultures.


Through powerful connections of heart and mind

we are uncovering a vibrant and sustainable way of being

for all people and the planet.

The people I invite to be my guests are amazing

powerful beings who are innovating, healing, creating, 

challenging, asking, connecting, teaching, learning,


No topic is off limits.

We are not looking at how to improve things,

we are looking at how to transform things, 

new systems, new views, new life-ways,

education, politics, culture, food, health, sex, wealth, faith, healing, technology, love



integration, wholeness, wellbeing, and respect for all.

Ancient, modern, timeless, all races, all genders, all stages of life, 

Yin & Yang

Earth & Sky

Cosmos & the Collective

We are exploring he possibility of a world rooted in


We are seeking answers at the edge of what we know, dreaming into what might be.

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