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Organizational Development for a New Moment in Society:

When Wellbeing and Work Have Collided

Working Well & Wise

The 2020/2021 pandemic and social and political instability has had a far reaching impact on teams, leaders, and business culture. Leaders are facing unexpected and unprecedented challenges: compounded stress, team breakdowns relating to emotional exhaustion and new factors like vaccination disagreements, working at home/not working at home, and much more. Most teams and leaders are ready for some support!


The key to moving from managing chaos to mastering your work-world lies in your ability to make the bridge between human psychology, relationships, and wellbeing with the bottomline needs of performance, communication, and accountability. This bridge is where Jonathan shines!

Contact us today about Jonathan's powerful online or in-person programs and coaching.

Our most popular program:


The Three Circle System: Tools & Views to Move from Chaos to Clarity


Jonathan has been coaching, facilitating, and consulting for nearly 30 years. With 20 years of executive level leadership experience himself, Jonathan brings a rare blend of perspectives, skills, and tools to his work in Organizational Culture and Development. 

Jonathan's Consulting Areas of Strength and Passion

- Change management and organizational cultural transformation
- Relationships
- Team success and wellbeing
- Blending staff wellness programs with a team performance focus
- All things relating to mindfulness
- Transformational Leadership
- Advanced topics in Spiritual Growth and Consciousness Studies

Team Meeting


What causes relationships, communication, followthrough, and good decision-making to breakdown? How do we move beyond habits, reactions, and the most difficult patterns to change in ourselves and others? Jonathan's Three Circle System has helped thousands of people to address exactly these challenges and more.


This adaptable model strikes at the heart of change management, personal growth, peak performance, and relationship breakdown. Teams, leaders, and all manner of performance and close relationship can benefit or be transformed by this powerful approach. The Three Circle System explains simply and clearly how we get stuck, transition, and move to an elevated new place in any work or life dynamic. More powerful than action plans and strategies, the Three Circle System addresses the root cause of resistance, reaction, conflict, and confusion.

The Three Circle System can be shared as a keynote, an online workshop, or as the foundation for a complex approach to performance, team, and leadership improvement. Contact us today to find out how we can help your team, leaders, or organization move to a better place for your bottomline, your culture, and your influence on customers and the greater world.

Mindfulness & Transformative Leadership Coaching

It really doesn't matter how smart or experienced you are, when it comes to elevating our own performance, we all need some outside perspective and talent to help us get clear, see new opportunity, and to better understand the things that are not our areas of strength. This is not conventional coaching. Jonathan's work is ideal for people ready and willing to grow, move towards holism, integrate mindfulness, and become a force of culture and change through presence and new views of leadership.

Bring your own challenges from work or home, or set a path to explore new frontiers. Time spent in coaching with Jonathan is sure to open your heart and mind to a resilient, meaningful, and energized way of being.

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