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Join Dr. Jonathan Ellerby, host of the Soul Circles weekly online meditation and discussion group on Humanity’s Team, and bestselling author, teacher and guide, on Wildlife Magic of Africa tour, October 3 to 13, 2023



Your ticket will support the Changing Humanity’s Future Initiative, led by Humanity’s Team and the Conversations with God Foundation, as well as the conservation of wildlife and traditional cultures. Find out more about Changing Humanity’s Future below.

Safari Sunrise
Safari Sunrise

Once In A Lifetime

In every heart we hold so many hopes and prayers: some for ourselves, some for the world. If we are fortunate and blessed, once or twice in a lifetime we are presented with an opportunity to live briefly in the confluence of our dreams. These moments come with uncertainty and a deep investment of self. For those who say “yes” to the extraordinary, life-changing gifts will follow.


Our October 2023 African Soul Safari has been carefully designed and planned to offer you an incomparable experience: wildlife viewing in one of the most ideal locations in the world, lodging and care from one of the world’s leading conscious luxury travel companies, small group facilitation and transformative sessions with two-time bestseller Jonathan Ellerby PhD, and an absolutely rare opportunity to work unclose and personally with wildlife rangers and conservationists in the field helping some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, like rhino, elephant, or pangolin. 


Our group will explore themes and conscious living sessions that dive deeply into the teaching you love and celebrate from Humanity’s Team and the Conversations With God series by Neal Donald Walsh. 


Limited seats are available for this small group immersion retreat. 


What people have said about travel with Dr. J

"Thank you Jonathan for our unforgettable experience - the container you created was miraculous. So much gratitude and love. In reviewing my photos from our trip I know that I was launched into a different plane of existence where the whole world spoke to me, every tree and rock and creature. I know have a touchstone inside me now to refer back to if I ever feel fear or a lack of Oneness with this world." 

JK, Denver, 2019


Traveling to a magical place where the land does the work within and all around you, sounds like a dream. Except it’s definitely the most conscious and fully present space I’ve ever been in, thanks to Jonathan. In the most beautifully stunning locale one could imagine. All excursions and  arrangements were breathtakingly beautiful and lovingly arranged. Creatures surrounded and serenaded us daily. One experience after another healed and renewed our childlike souls. Everything took place within the Sacred. Constant states of joy, love and abundance exuded from and between each person in our group. The effects were immediate and profound yet will unfold over a lifetime. 

JJ, 2017


This wasn’t simply a vacation. This was where my soul came to remember everything it was meant to be. Dr. Jonathan Ellerby co-creates so seamlessly with his beloved natural world that it could be easy to attribute the extraordinary results to the locale itself. Yet I know the planning, attention and focus given to the trip in its entirety as well as the personal details for each involved have only come from a team with masterful genius in these endeavors. When I reach a moment where I feel I am more ‘here’ than ‘back there’, I will deliberately and enthusiastically choose another of Jonathan’s travel adventures. 

BV, 2019

I traveled with Jonathan and 12 other folks on a life-changing journey to South Africa in August 2018. The entire trip was expertly planned and executed. First-class accommodations and ancillary services. But what made this trip unforgettable (I know, overused word, but so true in this case) was Jonathan and his ability to have us open ourselves up to what is really holding us back in achieving a spiritual awakening. I would travel with Jonathan anywhere!

BH, 2017

Herd of Elephants

Costs and Charitable Focus:

This luxury event includes rare opportunities and we have made every effort to reduce costs. This excursion is also an important fundraiser for Humanity’s Team and our Conservation Partners. Your $13,000 fee for 10 nights includes absolutely all five-star expenses after you have landed in South Africa, and more than 10% will go to advance the work of Humanity’s Team and the protection of traditional cultures and vulnerable wildlife and habitats.


Please contact Jonathan directly to receive the exclusive link to learn more or sign up.

Your Journey Advances the Work of Humanity's Team & the Changing Humanity’s Future Initiative

Neale Donald Walsch.jpg
Steve Farrell-34 square.jpg

Neale Donald Walsch & Steve Farrell

The Changing Humanity’s Future Initiative is a joint undertaking by Humanity’s Team, Neale Donald Walsch, and the Conversations with God Foundation.  The goal is to make conscious living pervasive worldwide by 2040. Much has been accomplished since the launch in 2022, with so much more to be done.


Humanity’s Team is a global non-profit organization focused on helping people throughout the world awaken to the interconnectedness—or Oneness—of everything in the Universe, so they can embody that awareness in every aspect of their lives. 


Everything we do and provide as an organization—our mission, the Changing Humanity’s Future Initiative, our free programs, our Masterclasses, our revolutionary streaming platform Humanity Stream+, the Global Oneness Summit, our communications, free resources, world regions activity, social media, conscious social network, and community participation—is for a singular purpose: to support people on their conscious journey so that together we can create a sustainable Earth and flourish at every level of life.

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