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Integrative Spiritual Therapy
Transform Your Life, Health & Relationships
 the Power of Spiritual Psychology




Evolving Meaning, Wholeness & Resilience

Through Every Life Experience

What Is Spiritual Integration Therapy?

I use the word "spiritual" to refer to your ultimate story of meaning, identity, purpose, and worldview. For some, these may be completely free from religion, metaphysics, or philosophy, for others, these life elements are embedded in or are reflective of spiritual systems and traditions. All approaches are welcome, but I do not work with life issues independent of these core life elements.


In my work there is no experience that can be treated in isolation of your total self, life path, and evolving worldview. In my work the "issue" is rarely the issue, and I am always keen to explore how our changes, challenges, and "problems" can help to feel more whole, more free, or to serve our path of greater connection to self, life, and Spirit.

Meaning, purpose, self-knowing, and emotional freedom are all keys to my work, and I draw from an inclusive and expansive approach to "spirituality", which can serve anyone from an atheist to a person of deep religious faith.

If you are involved with a spiritual practice, tradition or deep process of growth, I have extensive experience as a companion and guide to help.



What types of issues can we address?

I see people regarding nearly all the types of issues you might expect to take to a therapist, life or executive coach, or spiritual guide. I tend to draw limit where people require a more traditional bio-medical approach, a more research based perspective,

or a psychological background with a strong focus on mental health issues involving complex trauma.


I have a network of providers and organizations I refer to and collaborate with. 

What types of clients and issues are not suited for my work?


If your primary focus is to find support to address a serious or complex trauma, or an ongoing mental health condition, this may not be a fit for you. I do work with trauma survivors, I do address trauma, and I can support people with mental health conditions. However, when any of these issues are the main focus of your need for support, you will be much better in the care of a licensed or certified psychologist.




What experience does Jonathan have?


To better understand Jonathan and his work please review his bio below or listen to some of his public talks online . Important highlight of his background, training, and experience include:

- 25 year of experience working with one on one coaching & therapy, and facilitating healing groups

- special training in working with addictions, intergenerational trauma, psychological theory, shamanic-journey work/guided imagery, grief & loss, cross-cultural dynamics, nature-based therapy, Indigenous Models of Recovery, executive coaching


- Doctorate of Comparative Religion, Graduate Theological Foundation. Studies and research focused on spiritually based healing systems across cultures and traditions with a concentration in Indigenous Methods. Graduated with Distinction under the supervision of the esteemed scholar Ewert Cousins PhD.


- Masters Degree, Interdisciplinary Studies (Community Health Sciences, Nursing, Theology), University of Manitoba. Studies and research focused on spiritual counseling models, chaplaincy and a Holistic Healing model rooted Lakota Sioux Indigenous Tradition. Graduated summa cum laude under the supervision of Christopher Trott, PhD.


- Chaplaincy Training (CPE)


- Interfaith Ordination with One Spirit Seminary, NY. Concentration in Spiritual Counseling and Healing.


- Master Level Reiki Practitioner

- Sangoma Initiation, Tshungani, SA, Venda, under Tshivengwa Ramaliba

- Executive Coach training and mentorship with Mark Samuel @ IMPAQ Cooperation and with Talentism Executive Coaching


- Bachelors of Arts Honors Degree. Dual degree in Psychology and Comparative Religion. Honors thesis focused on Nondual Sates of Consciousness in Healing and Spiritual Traditions, with a Buddhist and First Nations concentration. Graduated with High Honors under the supervision of international bestselling scholar Ken Kang-nam Oh PhD




- My base rate has been $220 per session for years, however, I am always willing to offer a

sliding scale and to consider packages of sessions. Please inquire. Don't be shy!


Do You Take Insurance?


- I do not take insurance of any kind.


- I accept cash, e-transfer, and credit cards ( no checks please)


Book an Appointment

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More About Jonathan:  "Dr. J"

jonathan-20190813 (1).jpg

I have been coaching, counseling, and developing my own unique approach to integrative spiritually-based psychology and healing for over 26 years.

I have worked with people in all imaginable states, stages, and situations. I have worked with all genders, many nationalities, celebrities, CEOs, parents, partners, and people from all walks of life.


I am careful not to work in areas where I don't feel skilled or properly credentialed and will often refer more complex or severe mental health or addiction issues to other professionals, however, I can often add a complimentary perspective that can offer a powerful beginning. In many cases I am able to provide a fully therapeutic approach and support recovery and lasting change.

When I began counseling training 26 years ago I completed several courses of supervised study and work: counseling theory, addictions treatment, Indigenous Healing Approaches, chaplaincy, trauma support, multi-faith counseling and ritual and more. I have also been mentored in executive and business coaching in a two year immersive study, and have been heavily influenced by Indigenous approaches to transformation and healing, however, I claim to offer no modalities other than my own approach which integrates the best of what I have learned in an adaptive approach that is customized to each client and their needs and worldview. 

I have worked with thousands of people one on one, as couples, and in small groups. I am particularly strong at short term engagements in which we work hard on a transition, insight, or change in a few months or less. I tend not to adopt multi-year clients and seek to avoid dependency or to delay progress.

Disclaimers, Payment & Insurance Notes

I do not take insurance, I am not licensed, and even though people will come to me with the types of issues they would take to a therapist, counselor, pastor, or executive coach, I clearly refer to what I do as integrative spiritual coaching.


I am not certified in many areas of my extensive experience. An integrative and spiritual perspective is a part of everything I do. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of your self, a greater sense of meaning, and a more fully engaged life in all spheres of experience, then this may be a great fit.



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